The Milk Maid

This photograph of Ellen Dubin has won numerous awards. Ellen is posing as “The Milk Maid.” This image was used for an ad for Holland Cheese. The ad is based on the famous Dutch painter’s Johannes Vermeer‘s “The Kitchen Maid.”

Everything down to the costume, the tilt of the head, the milk color, was an exact replica of this masterpiece. Ellen was padded to mimic the body type of the maid, and dressed in period costume. This shot was taken by famous fashion photographer Frank Anzalone.

On a personal note I might add that this is one of my favorite images. How wonderful it must have been to be involved in recreating an image of one of the “Old Masters.” This photograph just further shows Ellen’s classic beauty. ~ scifisuzi


The Original

The Milk Maid

The original: The Kitchen Maid (1660, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam) by the Dutch baroque master Johannes Vermeer. This painting is oil on canvas and is 45.5 by 41 cm (18 by 16.25 in).