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Ellen in an interview with EP Daily about doing video game voiceovers

Androide Paranoide Issue 2 – Robo Special- RoboCop turns 30 – April 2017 issue.
Ellen is on page 3 speaking about the original film and then the rest on page 16 talking about her role in the tv mini series.
Interview by David Buceta

2nd issue:–02.html

The Video Game Process: Defense Grid 2

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Thanks to Cliche Magazine and Marina Anderson for this lovely article on Ellen Dubin .

Conversations with Awesome Women: Actress Ellen Dubin (Article) / (Facebook page)

Talk Time with Val (above)

The fifth Dimension – New interview with Ellen Dubin by Stuart Anderson

Soul of an Actor (PDF version) – an amazing new project Ellen as been a part of.

Katie Chats: Constellation Awards – 2013

Katie Chats: Constellation Awards – 2012

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Television Interview on The being FRANK show
(Scroll down to Episode 16, and click on it to start)

Interview on The being FRANK show (Scroll to Episode 16, and click on it)

Scifi Talk:  Ellen Dubin in Period Piece, When Love Is Not Enough
Read about Ellen’s HALLMARK HALL OF FAME Movie Presentation, opposite Winona Ryder, WHEN LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH: THE LOIS WILSON STORY

Sci-Fi Blast From The Past – Ellen Dubin (Lexx)

Interview for Lexxverse Forum

Ellen’s Interview with “Women’s Post” in Canada
Courtesy of Bill Wanstrom

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Ellen appears in the December 2004
CULT TIMES MAGAZINE, Issue 111 – Guest List Column

The Devil Can’t Wear Manolos

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Man Eating Ladies of Science Fiction

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Exclusive Interview With Canadian Vixen Ellen Dubin



Read “Ellen Dubin: Queen of Sci-Fi” interview with NYC / Toronto publication, Fanquarterly.